Cool video from “In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt” youtube channel

This is the cool animated video to understand the concept of internet and how it was then started and implemented by the time. This  channel post their videos one in each month because the videos that they are posting will have more content in it and are worth waiting. Here is the link “In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt”. The animations that they are using are very cool and watchable and mostly understandable to the edge.



Here is the best infographic that I found in Udacity on how to choose programming language!

This gives you the best idea on how to choose the a programming language that best suites for novice programmers. This helps me a lot, but choosing a language based only this infographic makes no sense at all. I recommend to choose the best programming by thoroughly digging and selecting beginners languages like Python,C,Ruby or something else.


This is the source from Udacity

code test

In the Exercise 45 in Learn python the hard way book we have to make a game of our own choice, I choose a project of ATM machine. In this project I am going to implement a program which works like ATM machine but won’t give any money! or something, but just prompts the customers or users the operations that they made using my program. Here is abstract which will describe better. ATM abstract


This is actually in half way through completion. Actually we can complete this project in different ways using possibilities in python language. I think one way is with if elif else and the other way is with OOP concepts using classes and function. And here I can say that implementing with If else means the beginners way and using oop concepts will be the pro way. So here I will try to post both ways. Soon I ll complete this project and post full code here.

check my starting code:
choice = raw_input("> ")
while (choice != "insert"):
choice = raw_input("> ")
name = raw_input("> ")
print "CREATE A PIN"
pin = int(raw_input("> "))
print "present amount in your account is 5000/- INR\n"
cash = 50000
# print "name %s, pin %d, cash in account %d" % (name, pin, cash)
print "remove and insert your card again for transactions!"
rm = raw_input("> ")
while (rm != "remove"):
rm = raw_input("> ")
print "card is removed"
print "insert card again"
choice = raw_input("> ")
while (choice != "insert"):
choice = raw_input("> ")
print "choose and option\n"
print ">>'b' for BALANCE ENQUERY"
print ">>'p' for PIN CHANGE"
print ">>'w' for WITH DRAWAl"
print ">>'d' for DEPOSIT"
option = raw_input("> ")
print "Enter pin number"
upin = int(raw_input("> "))
if (upin == pin):

Procrastinating Progress of CS50x 2015

CS50x 2015(Introduction to Computer Science) is the Harvard Extension school course which is run through edx organisation. David j. malan is the man who had the vision of this course to make students better understanding of the Computer Science and make them more comfortable with coding and learning to computer science technologies. The word  “This is CS50” creates goosebumps for me when David starts the class by saying that word. That makes me happy by realizing that I am the part of the coding nation. I think this course gives u the best way to understand the present day technologies and imagining the future technologies of the world. All the tutorials and psets are very interesting and creates a mental stability to solve the problems given to complete the course. Every student who enrolled their name in this course will eventually get the help from the cs50 community through official page,facebook group,slack or Reddit  site whenever they need help or suggestions. I think this is the new trending way to learn to computer science in present generation. I do love Cs50.

Here is my ‘prooogress’. But I definitely complete this course by the end of the 2015.


from The Hard Way!

This is from the 3rd edition of Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed shaw which the most addictive and fun way to learn and understanding concepts of OOP in python language. He also wrote the book Learn Ruby The Hard Way  also the best source to learn ruby I think. If any one asks me for where to learn the python for novice persons.. I definitely recommend this book, and it is free as online version. If you are a video learner U better buy the video version along, any way the text version is the most crucial part of that book, he also suggest learners to go through the reading. Actually online version is the best for whom cannot spend for hard copy of the book. Here are the screen shots of my progress through this online version.

hard0 hard1

Completed and ongoing progresses from codecademy

Codecademy is one one of the best websites to learn code that I have ever discovered on the internet. There are over 25 Million learners around the globe. The number itself says that how much influence it made on the coding world. Here are my progresses from Codecademy. In this website the interaction between the user and the website is so comfortable and easy for ease of use(I am actually trying to complete most of them.)



Here I am!

I’m Sudheer Darla. Lives in Hyderabad, India with my family, and my best friend is my pc. I am more enthusiastic in learning new things and thinking new and easy solutions to some complex problems that I face and discover, I actually think about them and save my ideas in some text files, so I can review and implement new and better ideas. I love to explore tech world by digging deep with my desktop pc in my room. I’m graduating in computer science(I swear that I never typed ‘science’ in one attempt!). I found lot of fun coding with my favorite programming languages. I am looking forward to learn new programming languages. Currently I am focusing mostly on Python 2 and Harvard extension School course Cs50. I am looking forward to successfully completing these courses. I am learning Python from the book Learn python the hard way by Zed Shaw and CS50 from edx website which is free forever.

Why i’m blogging?

Here I’m going to post all of my projects and things that I understood while learning about programming, so I can improve myself by reviewing these posts in future. I needed a way to keep track of coding skills over time – whatever I am thinking about or working on.

Programming Languages that I understood better or having minimum knowledge are in descending order.

  • Python
  • C
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • Java