I’m Sudheer Darla. Lives in Hyderabad,India with my family, and my best friend is my pc. I am more enthusiastic in learning new things and thinking new and easy solutions to some complex problems that I face and discover, I actually think about them and save my ideas in some text files, so I can review and implement new and better ideas. I love to explore tech world by digging deep with my desktop pc in my room. I’m graduating in computer science(I swear that I never typed ‘science’ in one attempt!). I found lot of fun coding with my favorite programming languages. I am looking forward to learn new programming languages. Currently I am focusing mostly on Python 2 and Harvard extension School course Cs50. I am looking forward to successfully completing these courses.

why i’m blogging?

Here I’m going to post all of my projects and things that I understood while learning about programming, so I can improve myself by reviewing these posts in future. I needed a way to keep track of coding skills over time – whatever I am thinking about or working on.

Programming Languages that I understood better or having minimum knowledge are in descending order.

  • Python
  • C
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Ruby
  • Java

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