Procrastinating Progress of CS50x 2015

CS50x 2015(Introduction to Computer Science) is the Harvard Extension school course which is run through edx organisation. David j. malan is the man who had the vision of this course to make students better understanding of the Computer Science and make them more comfortable with coding and learning to computer science technologies. The word  “This is CS50” creates goosebumps for me when David starts the class by saying that word. That makes me happy by realizing that I am the part of the coding nation. I think this course gives u the best way to understand the present day technologies and imagining the future technologies of the world. All the tutorials and psets are very interesting and creates a mental stability to solve the problems given to complete the course. Every student who enrolled their name in this course will eventually get the help from the cs50 community through official page,facebook group,slack or Reddit  site whenever they need help or suggestions. I think this is the new trending way to learn to computer science in present generation. I do love Cs50.

Here is my ‘prooogress’. But I definitely complete this course by the end of the 2015.



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